Green Facade — Definition and Examples

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3 min readFeb 13, 2021


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What is a green facade and how can we benefit from it? Not only technology, such as smart sensors or devices can be used to make buildings more sustainable, but also natural resources. This is where green facades or green walls can make a large positive impact.


A green facade (or green wall, living wall) can be seen as a vertical garden. It uses plants that can climb up the wall with or without support from the bottom to the top. Another way to create a green facade is by using plants that will be set into containers at certain heights, evenly distributed throughout the surface.

They can be installed outside, but often also inside where they can help to provide a pleasant climate with cool, humid air.

There are endless possibilities of plants that can be used for the purpose of a green facade. It mostly depends on the specific goals you want to achieve when installing one of these walls. This can be shading, aesthetics, temperature or humidity, but more likely a combination of all four. Another aspect to keep in mind when choosing the right plants for your green facade is, that they will have different growing conditions such as lighting, temperature or soil.


Green facades can reduce the temperature inside a building and also outside in the near area. This will help to improve ventilation and air conditioning systems and thus reduce energy costs.

Thanks to the functions plants naturally have, they will absorb CO2 and lots of particles in the air. With the process of photosynthesis, they will return Oxygen and as a result refresh and clean the air in buildings. Additionally, the plants will also release water through their leaves and thus increase humidity for an overall better climate.

Lastly, green facades can make buildings look better and more aesthetic. Many green buildings won design awards for their impressive architecture.

Thanks to all these advantages, which are very appealing for many tenants, it can increase the willingness to pay and as a result overall rent and property value.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash


The costs of installing a green facade can vary a lot, depending on the building structure, the environment and the plants itself. You should estimate the installation somewhere between 15€ — 200€ per ft² or 150€ to 2000€ per m². The running costs are very low in comparison as it is just basic plant care.

If you want to find out more about smart and sustainable building technology, please take a look at our blog and glossary.



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